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What People Are Saying

“Your content is next level and is helping me be even more effective with the women who walk through my door. I wasn't taught this important information in school.”

J.F.Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

“I do LOVE what you are doing to help educate women. Your podcast series is the most scientific and original so I always get excited to see another episode post. Keep up the good work”

AmyScientist and Startup Founder

“The production is amazing and your comprehensive interview style is totally on point!

Dr. Fiona McCullochPrevious Guest and PCOS Expert

“You've helped me know what to observe in my own body so I that could prepare for my upcoming OB appointment. I felt so confident in my discussion with her.”

NatalyaPilates Instructor

“I’ve been listening to your podcast so that I can be better for my wife, mother, and sister. You cover such great topics!”

W.K.Male Listener

“I've binged on so many episodes today and it has blown my mind, helping me connect the dots to issues I thought were separate. I am now armed with information and ready to explain more successfully to my providers the issues that have plagued me for 20+ years. Thank you!”

KaciPodcast Listener Struggling with Chronic Condition